Nothing happens to you, Everything happens for you


Any situation or people that challenge you aren’t here to hurt you or bring you down. They’re here to help you build your strength as well as polish your soul and heart. Pay attention to any negative emotions that arise in you. If they try your patience, then you need to work on becoming more patient. If they shake your trust, it means you need to work on building your trust. If you were patient and had trust, then whatever the situation happens to be or whatever people try to do to you wouldn’t throw you off balance and make you impatient or make you rust less. You would be indifferent to people’s actions. So rather than seeing them as threats or bad people doing bad things to you, focus on the lessons and learning them. Next time you find yourself in similar situations you’ll see that you’re stronger or the situation won’t even happen again, simply because you’ve already learnt the lesson. So you won’t attract the same experience again.

People often get this wrong and see others or a situation as enemies to be fought and knocked down. That is a pure waste of energy and takes your focus away from the lessons, making you weak and more vulnerable to similar situations. They are not enemies. They are also humans, or rather souls having a human experience, just like you, making mistakes, because they don’t know better. If you fight them, besides not helping yourself, you’re also making it harder for them to learn their lessons. You cannot get rid of hate by hating back.

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s not about the circumstance, but rather what you are made of”

Nothing happens to you, Everything happens for you

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